Densit® WearFlex

Is a material combination of extremely high strength compounds providing superior protection against moderate to severe wear - available as both low and high temperature products, catering for process temperatures up to 400°C and 1200°C respectively.

Densit®WearFlex is used as mortar on an expanded metal sub-structure. Overhead mounts are also possible.

Densit® WearFlex 500

Densit® WearFlex 1000

Densit® WearFlex 2000

Densit® WearFlex 2000 HT

Densit® WearFlex 3000

Densit® WearCast

Densit® WearCast is produced as a casting compound for all types of cast mountings.

Densit® WearCast 2000

Densit® WearCast 2000 HT

Densit® Spray

Densit®Spray can be sprayed both horizontally, vertically and overhead. Installation capacity can easily be more that 100m2 a day and a rebound loss of less than 1% of the material only.

Densit® WearSpray 500

Densit® WearSpray 2000

Densit® WearSpray 2000 HT