MillExCS is an “expert” control system, used commonly on milling circuits for stabilisation and optimisation of the production rate as well as product quality. Process optimisation is achieved by monitoring and controlling mill parameters with a fuzzy logic core. This technology allows complete integrated control of all the mill parameters. As the MillExCS doesn´t work with set points (as some traditional controllers) it allows the milling system to work in its maximum condition, optimizing the process. The system will always try to increase the production, when the controlled parameters permit it, without the intervention of the operator. MillExCS will take the mill to its limits respecting all the process conditions.

Scenario / Problem

  • It is often impossible to use classical control on grinding circuits, because of the existence of strong non-linearities, time-variant parameters and complex multivariable networks.
  • Many grinding processes are manually controlled, however it is difficult to interpret all gathered data from multiple variables and the operators will not supervise all variables on a short interval basis.
  • This problem leads to a non-optimized system which will waste the supplied energy.

Oncontrol MillExpert Solution

  • Oncontrol MillExpert is an Expert Controller which can act as a Human operator on a short interval basis.
  • This Controller does not need mathematical descriptions which are often impossible to obtain or strongly non-linear.
  • The Rules of the control are introduced simultaneously.
  • This MillExpert Editor has a graphical interface which allows the user to introduce the rules in If/Then format :

“If Mill Is full Then stop the fresh feed.

Transform an ordinary Desktop Computer into an Expert Controller

  • To use this controller you only need to install it on an ordinary PC with an OPC Server.
  • The Oncontrol MillExpert controller will communicate with the PLC/DCS network via OPC Server, avoiding the installation of new cables or new sensors/actuators.

Simple And Easy Controller configuration

  • Oncontrol MillExpert is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Does not require programming skills. Configuration is done through simple interfaces, menus, and friendly dialog boxes.
  • You can add or remove rules at any time to improve your control system.