Using vibration to measure the fill level of Ball Mills

MillScan is a field instrument that measures the mill fill level using the vibration signal of the Mill bearing housing.


Increase ROI (Return of investment) of your existing SAG, AG or Ball mill

  • Eliminate mill output obstruction/spills
  • Lower production costs
  • More efficient production control
  • Improve product quality


  • Custom inlet and outlet bearing housing vibration sensor
  • Mill fill level measurements for manual or auto control
  • Zero crosstalk from adjacent mills or equipment
  • All digital system, no component drift
  • 3 x resolution compared to mic based systems
  • Fast/easy system installation & calibration (No need to stop the mill)
  • Will not be affected by other equipment or services in the area
  • Windows configuration and monitor software
  • 100% digital (not interfered by dust temperature humidity etc)

Presentation video

MillScan’s successful supplied and installed in South Africa by Pro-Op Industries:

100% success rate!!