Kiln Inlet & Outlet Seals (Iteca product)

Improved Production and Energy Consumption, due the graphite plate system which prevents false air entry into the Kiln.


  • Adjustable to any type and size of kilns
  • Long lasting efficient leak tightness without any specific maintenance
  • Prevents false air entry into the kiln
  • Ensures pressure stability in the kiln
  • Prevents release of hot gases and dust particles from the kiln
  • The suppression of dust outside the kiln ensures a longer life time if the mechanical components (bearing, roller, etc.) located nearby
  • Allows an increase of the throughput through the kiln
  • Its installation requires only 10 days under Iteca supervision
  • The replacement of a plate does not require a kiln shutdown


  • A specially designed circular bearing race (or sliding track) is mounted on the kiln and adjusted to compensate for any pre-existing eccentricity
  • The plates are mounted on a specific support (designed case by case) which is bolted on the kiln burning hood
  • The plates are held in contact with the circular bearing race with the help of 2 metal cables and adjustable counterweights
  • Cooling of plates is done with blown air whenever required
  • The plates are overlapping each other to enhance the overall leak tightness


  • Average life time of plates: 4 to 5 years
  • Fast payback, typical from 6 to 18 months depending on the condition of the seal to be replaced