Sampling Equipment

Your manufacturing process could be better controlled with the help of our on line analysers that report on a real time basis parameters such as:

  • Chemical composition of your raw mix
  • Calcination rate of your hot meal
  • Kiln gas Composition (O2, CO, NOx, CH4, etc)
  • Free lime rate or mineralogical structure of your clinker
  • Limestone & gypsum additives in your cement
  • Particle size distribution of your cement

Each package is composed of:

  • One or several sampling system(s) depending on the number of lines to be controlled
  • A short distance transport system (if required)
  • One analyser installed along the line as close as possible to the sampling point(s)

Main benefits of such on line analyser are:

  • High frequency of analysis
  • Possibility to control several sampling points (mills or manufacturing lines) with one single analyser
  • Independent system dedicated to a specific control (easier maintenance and troubleshooting)