Cross belt Analysis

Pro-Op Industries is the Sales Representative for the SABIA products in Africa.

Cement & Minerals Industry

SABIA offers analysers for stockpile building, raw mix control, and cooled clinker as it exits the kiln, and static analysis for the lab or quarry.

SABIA analysers provide real-time analysis of the material, continuously measure and analyse elements, and calculate oxides and quality parameters. With this real-time visibility of the process, cement producers can control and reduce the variability of their processes.

With a SABIA analyser you can:

  • Control C3S in Stockpile or in Raw Mix
  • Improve product homogeneity
  • Meet stockpile targets
  • Control raw mix
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Extend quarry life
  • Extend refractory life
  • Maximize profitability


With an elemental analyser, iron, bauxite, copper, and other minerals, industries can increase their profitability through enhanced control of their processes.


SABIA offers a series of customizable elemental analysers and software for bulk material analysis. SABIA can also convert any legacy Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNA) analyser to a SABIA analyser.


SABIA X1 Series
Real-time on-belt analysis of bulk materials

SABIA X1-XP Slurry Analyser
Real-time on-pipe analysis of slurry materials

SABIA X1-S Sample Stream Analyser
Real-time on-belt analysis of bulk materials on a new or existing sampling system conveyor

SABIA X1-L Static Sample Analyser
Preparation-free analysis of four-litre static samples on a 10 or 15 minute basis

Analyser Conversion Packages
A complete technology conversion of an existing analyser

Software Solutions

  • Custom Blending Software
  • Inventory Management and Stock Pile Modelling Software
  • Raw Mix Control Software

Inventory Management and Stockpile Modeling Software or Other Applications such as Coal, Coal-fired power.

For detailed information about any of the products, please send us an email, to request product information.