Welcome to Pro-Op Industries

Our client’s value is our success. This is the driving factor behind Pro-Op Industries and forms the basis of every interaction with a client. Our strategy will always be to first and foremost look for the value we can create for our client.

We share the same passion for our client’s industry as they do and believe that this will translate into lasting and sustainable relationships. Through mutually beneficial relationships we aim to help our clients achieve more than ever before.





Process optimization
Plant audits
Project management
Feasibility studies
Process development
Root cause analysis

Maintenance Agreements

Where viable and where needed service agreements are available in order to ensure that products purchased is used and maintained to its maximum potential. Agreements are set-up according to customer needs.

Energy Management

Measuring and verification services according to internationally accepted protocol also used by Eskom, provided by accredited Engineers.

Refractory Recycling

Management of spent refractories including sorting and removal from site. All recycled refractories are used in responsible and sustainable manner to produce new refractory materials.

Pro-Op Industries pride itself on representing the best in class equipment, materials and services from around the world. Each range of products have been selected with quality, reliability and value add in mind. Our products range from bulk material handling equipment to wear protection consumables like polyurethanes and epoxies. What ever it is you need, if we have it in our range you can be assured of quality and value for money.

Actions speak louder than words and there is no better way to judge actions than to speak to customers. We will be more than please to arrange communication with our customers as references to past projects. Let us know who you would like to speak to.

Palabora Mining Company Limited