ITECA Ball Sorter for Fast and Efficient Sorting

ITECA Ball Sorters has been setting the standard for more than two decades. Keeping grinding media, or commonly called mill balls optimised, is critical to achieve optimum performance on any milling circuit. Ball sorting is often neglected due to the time it takes, however the long term losses as a result is substantial. With the ITECA Ball Sorter it has never been easier or faster to do. Pro-Op Industries can now also manufacture the ITECA Ball Sorter in our own workshop, making it more affordable than ever before. The ITECA Ball sorter can sort up to 10 different ball sizes in one continuous easy operation, while separating dust, cylpebs and broken balls all at the same time.

ITECA Ball Sorter

Principle of Operation

Material is fed into a vibrating hopper using a front end loader. The material is then gravity fed into a variable speed rotating screen that is partitioned into 5 receiving spouts eliminating dust, scraps, and small ball sizes between 12 – 40mm. Larger size balls over 40mm are then automatically sorted in 6 different classes using 2 divergent rollers rotating in opposite direction and at different speeds. At the same time, the remaining broken or deformed grinding balls are eliminated in a specific spout via another small set of rollers.

  •  10 Sorting classes adjustable to customer requirements
  • Separation of dust and scrap from grinding balls
  • Mobile and easy to tow allowing usage in different locations on one site
  • Efficient sorting on a continuous basis without manual operation apart from hopper loading
  • Precise classification
  • Light and compact machine using retractable rollers
ITECA Ball Sorter retracted