The Better Dome Valve by KREISEL

Dome valves have changed the pneumatic conveying field over the last couple of years and many improvements have been made to the technology. KREISEL Dome Valves sets the pace with their robust steel construction and wear resistant domes. The KREISEL Dome Valves are manufactured according to the process requirements with various wear protection materials available and a range of inflatable seals made from different specialised materials. The KREISEL Dome Valve will give you a longer useful life, less maintenance and less breakdowns in your plant.


KREISEL Dome Valve

The KREISEL Dome Valve® is a shut-off valve used under high differential pressures. The advantage of a Dome Valve is that the full bore of the valve is open and available for material flow. KREISEL Dome Valve would typically be used for pressure vessel conveying systems used in dense phase transport. KREISEL Dome Valve are also used in conveying line diverters, where a y-piece would be used with two separated Dome Valves on each line after the y-piece.

The key to success with a Dome Valve is first of all the construction of the valve and secondly the operation. KREISEL Dome Valves are designed to operate under pressure up to 16bar and therefore the a robust steel fabricated valve body is critical. The inflatable seal lies at the heart of the Dome Valve operation and the timing of the seal’s inflation and deflation. The operation of KREISEL Dome Valves is designed to completely avoid timing problems, which ensures that the seals last longer than other Dome Valves on the market. 

The KREISEL Dome Valve also uses unique wear protection on the dome and a variety of materials on the inflatable seal. Dome valves are therefore customised to suit your process conditions.