KREISEL Complete Pneumatic Conveying

Bulk materials can be transported from point A to point B in many different ways. Several parameters will influence the choice of transport mode. Pneumatic conveyance has several advantages over more traditional mechanical transport methods.Normally a pneumatic transport system will have much less maintenance when the correct components are used and if the system is well designed for the specific material being transported. Together with KREISEL, Pro-Op Industries brings you the correct experience, knowledge and operational insight to deliver the best possible pneumatic transport system, or to upgrade and optimise your existing system.


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KREISEL Engineering is specialised in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying systems according to your specific process needs. With our in-house pneumatic technical centre we can do a complete analysis of your unique dry bulk material to acquire material characteristics, ensuring every pneumatic conveying system works reliably and optimally.

If you are conveying a standard dry bulk material they can design the system from their vast database of materials built up over years of material testing. Whatever the requirements are, KREISEL can provide you with a price efficient solution to serve your specific needs.


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When using a single pneumatic conveying line to transport material to multiple destinations, for example cement from a cement mill to different product silos, you will need to be able to change direction in the conveying line. The KREISEL Conveying Line Diverter is an elegant, easy and reliable solution for this type of application.

In addition to the compact design the KREISEL Conveying Line Diverter, special attention was paid in the design to maintain a low pressure drop over the diverter and the mechanical design is such that caking do not occur which prevents the diverting disc from getting stuck.

KREISEL Conveying Line Diverters can be ordered with a manual change over system, or with a choice of pneumatic or motorised drive.

Pneumatic conveying line diverter


The KREISEL dry bulk dosing system was originally designed for dosing fuels like coal and petcoke into burners with high accuracy and low pulsation. The system was designed to adhere to the highest safety standards and the main design considerations were safe operation, simple construction, long service life and a high degree of dosing accuracy.

A critical point in this system is the separation of the fuel silo and the dosing system. KREISEL designed an explosion proof rotary valve which is flameproof and pressure shock resistant according to ATEX certification requirements. The dosing vessel is a calibration device which control the dosing rotary valve speed according to the required flow rate. The dosing rotary feeder is a wear protected rotary valve, such as the KREISEL ceramic rotary valve.

The same dosing principle is used for normal dry bulk dosing materials like fly ash into a cement mills as an example. In these applications the design of the rotary valves and the dosing bin is not of the ATEX type.


The KREISEL Jet Conveyor is a feeding component to get dry bulk material into a pneumatic conveying line while avoiding the conveying air from escaping the conveying line. The KREISEL Jet Conveyor has an internal orifice which accelerates the conveying air locally, which in turn creates a venturi effect in the Jet Conveyor.

Dry bulk material is fed from the top and is swept into the conveying airstream by the venturi effect. This design creates an under pressure in the Jet Conveyor which draws air in from the top instead of allowing conveying air from escaping through the material feed line.

The KREISEL Jet Conveyor is ideal for high temperature applications at relatively low flow rates.

KREISEL Jet Conveyor


KREISEL Conveying line compensator

Pneumatic conveying systems often involve pipe networks up to a 1000m long to move material from point A to B. In the industrial environment processed material are often at above ambient temperatures and these pipe lines are exposed to the elements. These factors result in the pipe lines expanding and contracting with fluctuation in temperature. If left unchecked this will wreak havoc on your operation.

KREISEL designed a conveying line compensator specifically for this reason, that would cope with the line pressure and material velocities in the line. The KREISEL conveying line compensator can be supplied with new system or can be customised to fit into an existing conveying line.