Slide Gates and Double Flap Valves

KREISEL continues their tradition of reliability and optimal operations with their range of slide gates and double flap valves. In most cases our standard available slide gates and flap valves will suit your need, but in cases where you need something special our team of technical specialists will assist in customising a solution to cater for your operation’s requirements. The KREISEL slide gates com in rectangular and round form. The slide gates are characterised by robust construction and fine tolerances to ensure the best possible seal. The design of the slide gates also ensures that slide gates do not get stuck during operation as a result of material penetration. 


The design and manufacturing of the KREISEL Slide Gate is based on the same attention to detail and engineering, that characterises all KREISEL equipment. KREISEL Slide Gates come in rectangular and round form and will suit most standard applications. Our technical specialists are on hand however to assist you in specific and unique requirements in order to customise a solution that will serve your needs. 

Our range of Slide Gates can be ordered with a manual spindle, pneumatic linear piston drive or a motorised drive. The aim is to deliver to the customer what works for them


KREISEL Double Flap Valves are carefully design to ensure the best possible seal during operation. The basic principle of a double flap valve is the feed free flowing bulk material while maintaining an air tight seal to the process. 

KREISEL Double Flap Valves are customised to serve the needs of each individual customer. The flaps are individually driven with motorised drives. The KREISEL Double flap valves are built with wear resistance in mind, they are robust and very reliable.