Bucket Elevator Monitoring Devices

Ensuring reliable operation and achieving maximum life of equipment should be a top priority in any plant. Muller Beltex bucket elevator belts are designed to the highest standards and when operated according to best practises will deliver the lowest cost of ownership. Our range of bucket elevator monitoring devices will help you to maintain your bucket elevator in the best possible condition. Our devices range from belt drifting or misalignment monitors to bearing temperature monitors. All our monitoring devices are designed for easy installation, simple operation and maximum reliability.


The RVS Rub-Block with a PT100 temperature sensor is designed to report a belt misalignment of an elevator, conveyor and a HI-rollers. The RVS RB200DN can be used for elevators from 12 meters height. The advantage of the Rub-Block is the fact that it will send a continuous output signal to the PLC. The RVS Rub-Block emits a permanent standby signal. If such a signal is absent, the reason for this must be investigated and if so required the PT100 sensor must be replaced. As long as the RVS Rub-Block emits a standby signal, it will also emit an emergency contact signal caused by its temperature rising, as soon as a belt touches it.
Off-tracking belts running into the side of conveyor equipment will cause friction, which may cause damage to the belt, and may generate heat, fire, or a dust explosion. The RVS RB200DN is very easy to install, it will be fitted on both sides of a conveyor or elevatorbelt. Once the belt off-tracks and runs onto the brass plate of the Rub-Block, it will create friction and the temperature of the Rub-Block brass plate increases.


The Adjustable PT100 Bearing Temperature sensors with grease nipple, type PT100V3C  has the feature that is adjustable in terms of the probe depth approach. The meeting will be conducted in this way not superficial, but on bearing ring itself. In practice, differences of about 20% to 40% to act against surface temperature measurements. This can quickly intervene at a temperature increase.
The PT100 emits a permanent standby signal. If the signal is absent, the cause must be investigated and, if so required, the PT100 sensor must be replaced. As long as the PT100 emits a standby signal, it will also emit an emergency contact signal due to rising temperature in the bearing indicating a problem with the bearing. The sensor can be connected directly to a PLC or to an independent monitoring system.

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Universal Shaft Sensor Mount
Models: WG1A-BR / WG2A-BR / WG4A-BR / WG8A-BR / Universal Sensor
Fully guarded unit for easy mounting of motion sensor. The Whirligig three-in-one unit (threaded rod, bracket and guard) is suitable for any industry standard cylindrical or DIN type proximity sensors, including our M100, M300 and M800 speed switches. The sensor bolts to the whirligig base plate and the complete assembly bolts to the machine shaft. The installation of speed switches or speed sensors are now simple, reliable and fully guarded against mechanical damage from maintenance activities. Shaft or machine vibrations do not effect the performance of the sensor, as the whole assembly moves with the shaft.