Unrivalled Industrial Chain

THIELE is an innovative German manufacturer of quality industrial chain products with applications in the materials conveying and lifting sector. Various original equipment suppliers in the field of bulk material handling, use THIELE as their chain supplier of choice. We can supply any kind of chain from round link chains to plate and bush link chains. The THIELE tradition of supplying top quality German made chain dates back 80 years, with all products being manufactured in-house under very stringent quality control systems. This ensures that all THIELE products meet the highest standards in the industry.

THIELE Forged Link Chain

THIELE can boast a wide product range of over 50 types of forged link chains fro single and double strand chain assemblies. Forging is done in-house, therefore THIELE can match materials for specific operating requirements. Careful heat treatment ensures optimum service life combined with high component reliability, even when operating at high temperatures while handling abrasive materials.

Forging Ahead

Forging weighing between 0,1kg and 60kg, and measuring up to 1000mm, are produced on three forging hammers – 31,5kJ, 40kJ and 100kJ (10kJ is equivalent to an impact energy of 1 tonne from a 1m drop height) – and a 1,600 tonne forging press. The feedstock comprises of square billets with edge lengths of between 20 and 120mm or round billets 18,5 to 60mm in diameter.

The material is first cut to size by cropping or sawing before the individual segments are heated un an induction unit assigned to the respective forging machine. The heated blanks are then reshaped in a die bu means of pneumatically generated impact energy or by a forming force applied via a centrifugal mass. Finally the falsh is removed from the finished piece. The forming process often involves working to extremely fine tolerances.

After forging the components undergo careful heat treatment in order to fine-tune their final properties

At THIELE we make all our dies, trimming and forging tool in-house. We also employ program controlled machines that can produce shapes using the latest technology, including high speed cutting.