Installing Wear Linings the right way

Pro-Op Industries offers a complete installation service or our wear protection solutions. Failures in wear protection or of wear linings often occurs as a result of incorrect installation. To avoid wear lining failures we offer to either install the material or to supervise your own team during installation. Our team is experience in heavy industry such as mining, cement plants, power stations and many more. Our wear protection installation team will adhere to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure you get the best value for your investment.


Slag dryer before Densit Wearflex 2000 HT installation
Existing Shell before Densit® Wearflex 2000 HT Installation
Excessive wear problems on slag dryer

A slag milling plant uses a slag dryer prior to milling. The slag is used as an extender to produce blended cement. The slag dryer is a rotary dryer approximately 2,4m in diameter and 20m long. 

The customer was planning to replace the dryer shell due to excessive wear resulting in very thin wall thickness. This was a regular occurrence resulting in shell replacement every 2 years.

The customer approached Pro-Op Industries to propose a wear lining for the new shell. Pro-Op Industries recommended to the customer not to replace the shell and use Densit Wearflex 2000 HT that would also mechanically reinforce the worn shell.  

Densit® Wearflex 2000 HT installation

The old shell was prepared for the Desnit Wearflex 2000 HT installation by removing old lifter brackets and grinding high spots on the shell.

The Densit Wearflex 2000 HT is anchored to the shell with stainless steel expanded metal mesh in the case of high temperature applications. After all the new lifter brackets were welded in place the expanded metal mesh was welded onto the shell.

The Densit Wearflex 2000 HT was then installed to a thickness of 25mm using the trowell technique required by the Densit Wearflex 2000 HT material. After the material was installed a curing compound was applied to the surface to retain moisture in the material and prevent flash setting and surface cracking.

Densit Wearflex 2000 HT Installation
Densit® Wearflex 2000 HT Installation
Densit Wearflex 2000 HT will prolong the life of rotary dryers
Final Densit® Wearflex 2000 HT lining after 1 year operation
Result of Densit® Wearflex 2000 HT Installation

The Densit Wearflex 2000 HT lining has now been in operation for 3years and is still in excellent condition. It is estimated that the Densit Wearflex 2000 HT lining will be in operation between 5 to 8 years before replacement will be required.

This installation of Densit Wearflex 2000 HT prevented the replacement of the shell which saved the company approximately R5 million. Over the life of the lining it would have prevented two shell replacements. The payback of the project was therefore immediate.

The Densit Wearflex 2000 HT is capable of performing under very aggressive conditions. The key to this success was careful and proper installation.

LinaShield Installation on site or in the workshop

Easy Application of LinsShield

LinaShield is a thermoplastic polyurethane that is supplied in sheets. The LinaShield can either be glued to any surface or it can be mechanically fixed using bolts.

LinaShield is completely machinable and can therefore be manipulated to suit any application. Our team is well experienced in the preparation and installation of LinaShield and is available for onsite installation as well as the lining of components in the workshop.

The key with LinaShield is again to ensure the material remain on the surface or stay in the pipe. Installation of LinShield is therefore again critical and should be done as specified by Pro-Op Industries.

Linashield being prepared for power plant application
Preparation of LinaShield to be used for a tipper car seal