Pro-Op Industries successfully install dryer abrasive lining at IDM Cement

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South Africa: ITW Engineered Polymers and Pro-Op Industries report on the successful installation of a UHCP abrasion lining to the inside of a rotary slag dryer at IDM Cement plant in Meyerton, Gauteng province.

The severe wear and abrasion caused by the slag wore through the inside of the dryer,
causing the need for replacement of the dryer shell.

The costs related to replacing dryer shells inspired IDM Meyerton to look for an alternative abrasion solution. The combination of temperature fluctuations inside the dryer and the heavy abrasion and corrosion from the wet slag were the main challenges for solving the issue.

IDM Cement has its own state of the art milling operation. IDM Cement is the only blender that can produce a slag compliant to SABS and NRCS specifications in terms of chemical analysis and blaine.

The client had tried a large variety of other solutions for this combination, including high temperature epoxy and high quality steel. But with all prior solutions, the dryer broke after less than a year.

ITW Engineered Polymers and Pro Op Industries proposed a UHCP abrasion lining made from Densit® Wear-Flex 2000 HT to eliminate the need for shell replacements and thereby significantly reduce long-term costs.

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