SABIA Receives First Order In Southern Africa

By Jan Schutte In Cement No comments

SABIA Inc, the US based PGNA cross belt analyzer manufacturer, received their first order in South Africa on November 16, 2015 from an international cement company, as announced by Daily Cement.

SABIA Inc has been actively marketing their equipment on the South African market over the last two years through their local agent, Pro-Op Industries.

The ordered unit will be used in a quarry application after the crushing plant to facilitate improved stockpile blending.

Jan Schutte, the Managing Director of Pro-Op Industries is quoted saying. “We have been working hard over the last two years to introduce SABIA equipment into the South African market.”

“We are delighted with this result and we look forward to adding value to our customers with SABIA analysers. We are confident that we currently have a superior machine, in the form of the new X1-LiNX. Pro-Op Industries is determined to provide top class technical support on the SABIA equipment to our customers. We look forward to increased sales in our market, based on the performance of this machine.”, added Mr. Schutte.

The equipment will be ready for shipment in middle December, while installation and commissioning will occur early in 2016.